Kernel cards make creating a content strategy simple. Designed to speed up and enrich understanding of available content options. Spend less time thinking of available platforms and content types and more time discussing their relevance. Having all options on the table means that you don't miss an opportunity, making the process simpler and more efficient.


Who are they for?

They can be used by individuals for inspiration or by teams to explore options and get agreement. Or we can run a workshop for you, leaving you with a core strategy with actionable tasks (and a pack of Kernel cards to keep)

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How do they work?

It's a simple three step process that prompts thought and discussion about the appropriateness of a wide range of platforms and content types. The random dealing out encourages new and unexpected connections to be made, and the simple removal of cards from the table makes for easy prioritisation.

Step 1

Choose your goals, and identify your audience type, then, lay out all the platforms that you think your audience types might be using.

Step 2

Deal out all the content formats and types that you think might spark interest among your target audience.

Step 3

Group content types around formats or platforms based on what you think might be effective, and prioritise based on resources.


"A great technique for nailing digital content strategy in a single session"

Jane Hales. Founder at Sappio Research



Single pack
One pack of 122 digitally printed die cut Kernel cards and user guide.

(NB. We are currently out of stock & only have limited sets for consultations, to get notified when new stock is available fill out email form below)

Content strategy consultation
Analysis and appraisal of business goals. A Kernel cards workshop to agree targets, set metrics & measurement. Creation of a core content strategy with actionable points. (+ 1 pack Kernel cards) 

Content strategy support
Complete strategic overview. A Kernel cards workshop to agree targets, set metrics & measurement. Creation of a core content strategywith actionable points and implementation. Ongoing content support.




About us

Kernel cards were conceived by the team at IcoEx and brought to life using Kickstarter by Steve Lloyd. if you would like to find out more drop us a line at hello@kernelcards or call by the studio 75-77 Great Portland street London W1W 7lR